About BYP - byp

I was born in Liverpool England, where at an early age, I joined the Ice show “Holiday on Ice”, and my traveling days continued for 21 years.  This is also where I started my photographic journey.  I had the pleasure of learning from many masters that I met in different cities and countries, and was given many opportunities to practice photography while traveling the four corners of the world.  I loved it so much that in 1981 I settled down in Los Angeles.  With all the contacts that I met while on the road I was able to continue my love for photography in the motion picture industry and TV commercials.  After seven years in this industry and after learning wonderful lighting techniques from a different breed of photographers, I decided to go it alone and open a studio for Portraits, Wedding and Events. Well it didn’t stop there and decided that the only way to continue was to have a studio closer to home, so close in fact my wife and I agreed to build a studio directly behind our home so we could continue with my passion at any time of the day.  1996 was a turning point in my career as I jumped into digital photography with both feet recognizing that I could finally take control of the print from beginning to end.  To say that I am possessed with perfection is an understatement.  Because of my passion to share I have been able to pass on my knowledge and coach many Pros the fundamentals of digital photography.

Every person that goes through our studio receives treatment as if they were the most important person in the world, and when they depart with print or album in hand they have the guarantee that their image is the best that money can buy.

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